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Global Exposome Project

Compassionate Science, Sustainable Planet

The Global Exposome Project (GEP) takes a holistic approach to the effect the environment has on living organisms as a whole. In addition, the project places the human being both as receptor and as a causative, etiological agent for many of the current stressors that affect human and nonhuman animals, plants and other living organisms on earth. In other words, we care about our exposome, but we also care about their exposome.

Global Exposome Project

Most people think of the exposome as the sum of enviromental factors that have an effect on human health. Unfortunately, this anthropocentric and reductionist approach to the exposome won't be of much help in dealing with the underlying determinants of health and disease in our societies.

The main pillars of the Global Exposome Project are:

Public license

Open Science:

We love open science! Science must evolve on the basis of collaboration, transparency and open access. Every publication, research paper, software, documentation and data will be published under a free license (Creative Commons, GNU GPL, and similar).

Cruelty free research

Cruelty free research:

The Global Exposome Project prohibits the use of nonhuman animal models. For biomedical research, there are ethical and human focused models available (eg, in silico), and many others to be explored.

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The Global Exposome Project invites any individual and organization from the scientific community that shares our vision to become part of our team. This is a large, international, multidisciplinary project. The following (non-exhaustive) list shows some possible areas: Social sciences, economics, medicine, veterinary, biology, chemistry, bioinformatics, nutrition, psychology and philosophy. Please keep in mind that all projects must be related to the exposome.

If you want your research be part of the Global Exposome Project, we'd love to have you as part of the community! please send us an email to info@globalexposome.org