GNU Solidario - Health & Education with Free Software
GNU Solidario - Health & Education with Free Software

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GNU Solidario

GNU Solidario

GNU Solidario is a non-for-profit organization that works globally, focused on Social Medicine and health informatics (using Libre Software).

GNU Solidario is the organization behind GNU Health, the award winning Libre Health and Hospital Information System, deployed in many health and research institutions around the globe.

About GNU Health

GNU Health

The GNU Health project provides the tools for individuals, health professionals, institutions and governments to proactively assess and improve the underlying determinants of health, from the socioeconomic agents to the molecular basis of disease. From primary health care to precision medicine.

The following are the main components that make up the GNU Health ecosystem:

  • GNU Health Hospital Management (HMIS)
  • GNU LIMS Laboratory
  • PHR Personal Health Record
  • GNU Health Federation
  • GNU Health Embedded
  • Social Medicine

Main site:

There are many government portals, organizations and health centers involved with GNU Health. If you and or your center is using GNU Health, be part of the community !
Send us a mail to and we'll publish it.

GNU Official Package

GNU Solidario

GNU Health is an official package of the GNU operating system (